Jo Koy: Comin’ during the Beautiful (2019) – Full Transcript

Jo Koy: Comin’ during the Beautiful (2019) – Full Transcript

I adore that it, it is exploit, brother

[“Uproar” plays] d Five, four, three, a couple of, We assist one wade d d Ribbon, have the screw though I don’t bluff, buddy d d Aimin’ at your lead such as for instance a beneficial buffalo d d You a good roughneck, I’m a cutthroat d d You may be a difficult guy Which is adequate jokes d d Then sunlight pass away The evening are younger even if d d The newest expensive diamonds nevertheless be noticed d

That is what I’m talking about. Yes! Needed to bring it so you’re able to The state, baby. [cheering] Aloha try real. Whenever you are within the an adverse spirits, simply [whoosh], capture all of them with some Aloha. [laughter] All of you are just like Care Contains, it simply happens of chests. [laughter] “Some one that have a detrimental day?” [whoosh] [laughter] Oh, shit.

People in Hawaii feature throughout the crap one to no body more brags throughout the. [laughter] Which is genuine! ‘Result in cher… your treasure the things which you have. It’s your own. [cheering] I experienced a guy walk-up in my opinion, he had been instance, “Hi, brother, the truth is my personal… you find my the 2003 Toyota Tacoma? [laughter] Cherry, buddy. Banging cherry! [l! The fresh, 2003. [laughter] Toyota Tacoma.” [laughter]

This is the hottest moving ever before

That you do not care, you will be easy going. You live in heaven. You do not have time… You aren’t uptight. You go away, “An effective, i date.” Skirt nice. “Okay, top nice.” [laughter] Nice dress, “Where’s Flere bonuser my slipper? [laughter] Where’s my personal slipper?” You guys often wear a beneficial slipper. “Slipper!” Usually, “Slipper.” [laughter] “Slipper.” Screwing the fresh outfit, “Slipper.” [laughter] Not one person beyond Their state knows exactly what “slipper”… I am going to inform you exactly what “slipper” was. It is fucking, search… – Browse, “Slipper.” – [laughter] “Slipper, slipper, slipper. [cheering] Slipper, slipper, slipper, slipper.” Really don’t have any idea why you wear it. They truly are hardly on the banging legs. [laughter] [laughter] That’s the way you guys go. [laughter] “Slipper” in front of base. You’re not actually… It is not actually in your ft. You merely, stop new slipper, action. Kick, step, stop slipper, step, kick slipper, step, stop… [laughter]

You like the fresh vowels. All of you like vowels. [laughter] You don’t proper care. A, the latest page An effective. [ce? [laughter] Exactly how many A’s? Which is so many A’s. [laughter] That’s why when the some one concerns Hawaii, I am talking-to the country now, for folks who reach The state, cannot inquire about directions. [le. – [laughter] Inquire about recommendations, they will be particularly, “Oh, that’s easy, sister. That it what is causing around. You merely go-down Kaleakalakaka. [laughter] Make the right stimulate Laukaladakalakau. Remaining turn on Naukauaakala. Then a right stimulate Ahaahahaha’aaa. [cheering]

Like exactly about The state. Can’t score enough of they. Really don’t even pay attention to the songs and i also think it’s great. Whenever I am right here, I can’t end paying attention to they. Have no idea all words. I don’t care. [laughter] I drive and i also sing… [imitates Hawaiian songs] [laughter] [continues on singing] [cheering] [goes on vocal] You’re clapping. I recently generated you to definitely song up. [laughter] You guys try not to know what the shag I am stating. [laughter] Most of the I did so are this new vowels… [singing] [laughter] [cheering]

One hula so is this shit! Hula was what you. All of that shit they’re starting now, the sexy dances these are typically starting, – it took it on hula. – [laughter] Hula… that shit was naughty. She talks to the man by way of dancing. – [laughter] – Which is aroused. She tells your what she wishes thanks to dance. “You already been select me personally… [laughter] if the sunshine go-down. [laughter] You are taking me to dining. [laughter] If i as if you… [laughter] We leave you snatch.” [laughter] [applause]

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